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The Sugar Skull Man

NTU Creative Writing Competition


Nov 16, 2018 | Creative Writing

Excerpts From Stories Unfinished – The Sugar Skull Man

And to this end, they were allowed to bring his beloved remains home; to return him to his place of high honor amongst the wind, wild rain and the desperate blossoms that clung to the cliff-side. Alas! When they tore the last stubborn nail from his softwood casket, there lay his bones, at ease and simple rest…but something curious seemed to have reached there first. Upon the dignified ivory white they espied bursts of color, forms of intricate patterns that wound and danced their way under and over the grand osseous collection. A single sunflower, gold and green, bloomed from the left side of his cranium, her leaves and filigree fed into the roots of a mountain that stood below the scene of a silent moon. Flowers delicate and many petaled, consoled the sockets around his eyes. His arms saw symbols of ships, waves, and nautical stars. Silver, sinuous script breathed across each rung of his rib cage. His pelvis hid emblems of fertility, the bulbs of plants, heavy fruit, and flowing water, and upon his legs and feet gambolled beasts of tooth and claw, mythical and ancient. Even the bones of his fingers were vandalized (though none present were willing to use the term) with minuscule planets and shapes of heavenly bodies.