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Humanities and Science

2019 Yonsei University-Nanyang Technological University Joint Faculty Symposium

SoH Communications Office

Jan 18, 2019 | News

Faculty members from the School of Humanities visited their counterparts in Yonsei University, Korea as part of an exchange between both universities to further joint research interests.

Associate Professors Tan Ying Ying (LMS), Daniel Keith Jernigan (English), Assistant Professors Katherine Hindley (English), Lim Ni Eng (LMS), and Graham Matthews (English) represented the School of Humanities at the NTU-Yonsei Joint Faculty Symposium.

The Symposium is the second joint event between both institutions. In 2018, the College of Liberal Arts (Yonsei) and SoH sat down together to narrow the physical distance between Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia. The two reasons for the joint symposium was glocalism, which refers to a new mode of thinking and acting beyond the binary structure of global versus local. The second reason was related to the notion of Social Humanities, which is now the usefulness of Humanities can be explored in the age of neoliberal globalization.

In his welcome address, Kyungwon Lee, the Liberal Arts College Dean, shared that “we are in the threshold of a new era called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This second join symposium under the banner of “Humanities and Science” is another product of endeavor to find new directions for humanities in the rapidly changing world. We are entrusted with this heavy and precis mission to shape the future.”


Presentations included:


Medical Informatics and Digital Humanities

  • Graham Matthews – Developing Public Engagement through the Medical Humanities: A Case Study of Literature & Medicine
  • Min Song – finding the Hidden Knowledge from Social Healthcare Data


Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage

  • Daniel Keith Jernigan & Han-Martin Rail – All the World’s a Virtual Stage: Adapting Shakespeare for the Virtual World
  • Hyun Jean Lee – a Virtual Reality Project for Toegye’s Ten Diagrams on Sage Learning: Creating Experiential Space-Time based on the Concept of Eastern Philosophy


Interaction between Simulated Patients and Medical Students in Asia

  • Lim Ni Eng, KK Luke, Ng Gim Thia, Ler Lian Dee, Tanya Tierney – Navigating between Empathy and Knowledge Transfer The Task of ‘Updating’ in a Clinical Communication Practicum
  • Seung-Jee Lee, Chan Woong Kim – Compromised Medical Authority: Interaction between Medical Students and Simulated Patients in a Clinical Performance Exams


Multilingualism in Asia

  • Tan Ying-Ying – the Myth of Multilingualism in Singapore.
  • Tae-Rin Cho, Hui-Jae Yu – Metroliteracism and Heteroliteracia in the metropolitan area of Korea now.


Below are some photos from the Symposium –