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Welcome to Constellations, the magazine for the humanities in Singapore. The name is inspired by the stars that have captured the imagination of poets, philosophers, scientists and engineers for centuries. 

Constellations has complex associations and lends itself to a nuanced usage. Coming from the Latin ‘con’ meaning ‘together’ and ‘stella’ meaning ‘stars’, it suggests constellations of different subject areas, each forming a distinct group consisting of component ‘stars’. It can mean, too, the ‘section of the heavens occupied by such a group’, in other words, the humanities part of the universe. A constellation can also mean ‘a group or configuration of ideas, feelings, characteristics, and objects that are related in some way’: hence our connecting with other constellations beyond our own. The constellations trace a path between the stars just as we seek to cultivate a dynamic community that is creative, critical, and responsive to the fundamental issues of our times. 


Advisory Board

Alan Chan

K.K. Luke

Koh Tai Ann

Shirley Chew

Kingsley Bolton

Neil Murphy


Editorial Board

Graham Matthews (Editor-in-Chief)

Scott Anthony

Katherine Hindley

Ivan Panović

Qu Jingyi

Kira Rose

Christopher Suhler

Michael Walsh

Lim Ni Eng

Editorial Assistants

Charlotte Hand

Bella Ratmelia

Mani Saravanan

Phoebe Cheng Shunzi

Vincent Wong



Hoo Yan Han

Lim Jia Yi

Chua Mei Qin

Lim Xin Hwee

Lin Kai Wei



Denise Tan

Andy Neo

Alvin Kosasi